Who I am?

I’m Barbara and I love my profession because it works.


A long time ago, for about 7 years I had been having headaches and they were linked in with other symptoms. I searched for solutions through the regular health care and also from books about ancient healing techniques from Hawaii where the “cleaning of the unconscious mind” was discussed .

To my huge surprise, after the second regression therapy appointment, I no longer needed medicine to curb my headaches. I started to trust my intuition and with two feet firmly on the ground, my problems became challenges. The world around me was the most beautiful place under the Sun.

I was fascinated by the possibilities that this form of therapy had and in 1996 I graduated at the SRN in Utrecht. This encouraged me to study even more, searching for curing techniques that would work better and faster such as interview and conversation techniques, massage, nutrition, herbs, kinetics, exercise, music and many others.

I love working with my clients, giving courses and workshops. Furthermore I read extensively and travel to learn from the best. To discover new places and… enjoy life.

1982 – SGPiS Warszawa, M.A. Economics
1994 – 1996 Dutch School of Reincarnation (SRN)
Dutch School of Reincarnation (SRN) in Utechta 2.5 years of studies and specialization in the following trainings within SRN as well as other trainings, which gave me the opportunity to learn the most effective techniques for working with children and adults, such as, among others;
Working on the cellular level and development of the body in the womb and birth.
Working with children (stages of child development, techniques of talking to children)
Inner child (working with adults and healing the “damage” that occurred in their childhood)
War experiences (working with people after dramatic war experiences)
Sexual crimes (working with victims and criminals)
Life-threatening diseases – working with people suffering from cancer, at various stages of development of the disease
Group visualizations
Inner woman/inner man (spiritual aspect of human life)
Use and expression of voice
Experiences of  Other Dimensions of Existence, Hans ten Dam, Founder of the reincarnation school in the Netherlands in 1983.
Pregnancy and Birth, Morris Netherton
Morris Netherton methods – body work, hospital stay, etc. – Morris Netherton, USA
Ancestors and ancient healing techniques, Myriam Ceriez
Traditional methods of Tibetan medicine, Dr. Tenzin Namudal
Shamanism in the modern world, Dr. Serge Kahili King – Wittenberg – Germany
Basic medical knowledge 2-year course
NLP workshops (neurolinguistic programming) – Paul Liekens
Huna healing techniques, Dr. Otha Wingo and Vince Wingo in Cap Girardeau, USA – relaxation, thought, breath, elements, healing of the past, emotions and thoughts, Ho’oponopono, the trinity of man
Chinese Healing Techniques – China
The importance of elements in healing – Malta
2006 – 2012 – Huna Ohana, Cape Girardeau, MO, USA, Huna Certified Healer
2012 –  Convention of the International Association of Regression, Kleve, Germany (Guilt and Forgiveness)
2017 –  Convention of the International Association of Regression, Barloo, The Netherlands (Regression in Psychopathology)
2018/2019 – Michał Tombak, School of Health
2018/2019/2020/2021/2022 Earth Annual Conventions – Regression Therapy in Psychopathology, Integration Processes, Transformation Processes