Who I am?

I’m Barbara and I love my profession because it works.


A long time ago, for about 7 years I had been having headaches and they were linked in with other symptoms. I searched for solutions through the regular health care and also from books about ancient healing techniques from Hawaii where the “cleaning of the unconscious mind” was discussed .

To my huge surprise, after the second regression therapy appointment, I no longer needed medicine to curb my headaches. I started to trust my intuition and with two feet firmly on the ground, my problems became challenges. The world around me was the most beautiful place under the Sun.

I was fascinated by the possibilities that this form of therapy had and in 1996 I graduated at the SRN in Utrecht. This encouraged me to study even more, searching for curing techniques that would work better and faster such as interview and conversation techniques, massage, nutrition, herbs, kinetics, exercise, music and many others.

I love working with my clients, giving courses and workshops. Furthermore I read extensively and travel to learn from the best. To discover new places and… enjoy life.